Comparing Okari's Wedding With Betty Kyallo And Naomi. The Differences Are Visible

Comparing Okari's Wedding With Betty Kyallo And Naomi. The Differences Are Visible

The biggest difference between Okari's wedding with Naomi Joy and his wedding with Betty Kyallo is the budget. Betty Kyallo's wedding was so huge Okari would have probably spent more money in those two weeks than he has ever spent in his entire life if he was the one paying for it.

For Naomi Joy, Dennis Okari proposed in the most private way a celebrity ever could. He did it during a dinner organized and attended by friends and family. Betty Kyallo's proposal was huge. The man really went out of his way to please a woman that kept men glued to the screens. Took her to South Coast's Swahili Beach Hotel and made sure that everyone knew about it.

Even White tourists stopped their plans for two days to witness the event. The proposal was done at the poolside. Two twin girls accompanied by Maasai morans delivered the ring that was surrounded by rose petals on a plate.

Naomi's traditional wedding went on as planned without any hitches that were televised. It is said by those who know the couple that Okari's parents love Naomi. Betty Kyallo complained that Okari's parents weren't her biggest fans and even said some very nasty things about her and her family.

Betty Kyallo told the True Love magazine that she was stood up on her traditional wedding by her in-laws and husband to be as their calls went unanswered just hours to the wedding. What a nasty experience the poor lady had to endure and still smile for the cameras.

Naomi Joy said yes to Dennis Okari without thinking twice. Video recordings from the proposal dinner show an elated woman saying yes between bursts of tears. This was not the case with Betty Kyallo.
She had her doubts about the wedding right from the beginning. Her light was just beginning to shine and Dennis Okari had made his footprints in the investigative journalism world and was being approached by numerous respectable media houses.

Betty Kyallo said she was not sure about the impact the power couple tag would have in their marriage. Had she followed her instincts, she wouldn't be in the situation she finds herself in today.


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