The Day General Miguna Miguna Roasted and Buried A KOT Idler

The Day General Miguna Miguna Roasted and Buried A KOT Idler

If you do not know this yet, please listen up. If at any moment you want to engage General Miguna Miguna on the internet, please prepare something that makes sense. A Kenyan on Twitter found himself on the wrong side of the man with the same name twice.

While discussions go on on proper governance in the country, discussions go on as to how the government should be run.

Dr Miguna Miguna is a fierce critic of the government. This is especially due to the bad history of 2017 when he was tortured and deported from the country. He plans to return to Kenya in April.

Miguna started a discussion about African corrupt leadership. He tweeted;

African tyrants are heading to Addis Ababa to "elect" Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, an authoritarian military dictator who overthrew the democratically-elected Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, as the chairman of the African Union. Africa was never truly decolonized. We must do it now.

A Twitter follower decided to answer Miguna Miguna

We need to be recolonised for the next a hundred years so that we can have enough time to understand self governance

The response was the true definition of savage;

But the people of Kenya, including you, have been colonized and enslaved for more than 300 years already. Wake up. Stand up. Be fearless. Fight for freedom, social justice, electoral justice and a merit-based society. Stop looking for excuses.

He logged out of Twitter for the rest of the day.

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