Source: Moi Made KQ Broke

Source: Moi Made KQ Broke

In a shocking revelation, sources say that former president Daniel Moi, 'commandeered' Kenya airways into financial difficulties. The national airline has struggled even though it continues to limp back into a former mightier role of being 'The Pride of Africa'.

Late last month, Kenya Aviation Workers Union issued a strike notice after Kenya Airways announced its plan to take over the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

 During  his tenure, the Nation reports that Kenya Airways was the most abused parastatal in the nation. It was normal for State House to take over any aircraft and fly it to any destination in the world that the president wanted.

Flights would be cancelled and passengers, who had booked in advance, would be inconvenienced. As long as President Moi was happy, nobody cared about profits.

Parliament was told that those who accompanied the president were joy riders and court jesters that did not even have enough literacy to ask for a cup of tea in foreign hotels.

Quoting a book- Dash before Dusk- by Joe Khamisi, it was tough to sort out protocol whenever the president travelled.

Our biggest challenge in protocol was in the crafting of delegates’ list. Every Tom, Dick and Harry among politicians and government officials scrambled to be on that list."Ministers and MPs believed travelling with the President would give them political mileage and afford them private moments with the Head of State.

This led to a lot of confusion and hullabaloo during presidential trips as many would claim they were in the list but they were not. This is after claiming that the Mzee had given authorization. Amidst this, it was normal to have arguments amongst those who wanted to travel.

During the tumultuous time, the airline took out government approved loans that could not be repaid because air fares that were to pay back the loans did not exist in numerous cases.

Many people with connections also had their people employed at the airline with a certain time boasting of 4000 staff to only man 11 aircraft.

The parastatal was poorly run, made losses and did not file any tax returns. Therefore, in every financial year, Parliament would be forced to write off the debts and Treasury was asked to finance the flailing national carrier.

This gross mismanagement, compounded with growing competition from the region put Kenya Airways in a tight spot.


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