Source: Kenya's Deep State Forces Media, Church To Justify Corruption

Source: Kenya's Deep State Forces Media, Church To Justify Corruption

The mystery and secrecy surrounding the Deep State in Kenya underwent an attempted explanation. An internet user took liberty to really explain what the 'deep state' is and why fighting it is an exercise in futility.

Whether a conspiracy or not, the Twitter user made some interesting points on what really is the Deep State and what they do.

Rumours say that at the end of it all and in every election, it is the deep state that allows someone to become president.

What is scary is that nobody really knows who they are. Kenyans are left to wonder if democracy is practical or it is just an idealistic dream.

You go out and vote and believe your vote will count. Hopefully.

Kenya has

1. Government

2. State

3. Deep State.

+ Government runs the Government.

+ State runs the country.

+ Deep State runs the nation.

 Murathe is the silhouette face of deep state.

Go argue with Chebukati.

GOVERNMENT - is the de jure system that manages the COUNTRY'S Resources.

STATE - a quasi constitutional system which dictates how instruments of Government should manage resources.

DEEP STATE - The de facto system that controls the ethos, pathos and logos of a  NATION.

COUNTRY - is a GEOGRAPHICAL area defined by agreeable borders where people who share the same resources live together.

NATION - A collection of shared beliefs, ethics, morals, values and self determination.

THE DEEP STATE controls and runs a nation.

Eg Trump's deep state.

Governments are not corrupt. The DEEP STATE is the source of corruption.

The DEEP STATE orders the state to steal public resources

STATE orders Government to facilitate the theft.

DEEP STATE forces media and church to justify theft through soft messaging eg 'Big 4 Agenda'

Tweets sourced here

So if Kenyans are subject to control and manipulation by the deep state, then who is behind it?
In the past 10 years, the levels of corruption in the country have skyrocketed to heights never seen before.

Sadly, it has become normal.


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