Size 8: DK Kwenye Beat Admitted to Sinning, Not Rap€

Size 8: DK Kwenye Beat Admitted to Sinning, Not Rape

That the accused person did not admit to rape. That the accused offered his regret and admitted he had fallen short of God's glory. That the accused thanks the Kenyan blogs for making him the sacrificial lamb. That Size 8 believes that DK Kenye Beat was being brought back to God's ways and be launched as a minister of the Gospel.

The following interview takes place to listen to DK Kwenye Beat's answer to rape accusations by a woman.

Size 8 questions DK Kwenye Beat over what is happening on social media. Asks whether the allegations are true.

DK Kwenye Beat first thanks God for his grace and blessing in his life.

He says he received a calling from God but in 2018, he realized he was walking away from the path of righteousness.

That he was fired but still at work : To mean that he was still a Gospel singer but was not walking according to the ways of the Bible.

Watch the full video;

UPDATE : The video was later pulled down after serious public scrutiny

After intense questions by users of social media, Size 8 withdrew from this, citing that further investigations had proven otherwise.

Here is her statement;

Size 8: DK Kwenye Beat Admitted to Sinning, Not Rape


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