Graphic: Body of Billionaire Tob Cohen Found In A Septic Tank In Kitisuru

Body of Billionaire Tob Cohen Found In A Septic Tank In Kitisuru

The 43-day long search for the missing Dutch national Tob Chichou Cohen ended in the most painful way ever after he was discovered rotting away in a septic tank situated inside his palatial home in Kitisuru by DCI detectives.

The operation led by DCI director George Kinoti discovered the septic tank which had completely sealed with concrete and guised with bushy wood cuttings. Tob Cohen's body was covered with many layers of clothes, possibly to deter the smell from getting out.

The body of Tob Cohen- a Dutch businessman who went missing between 19th-20th July 2019 was today afternoon retrieved from an underground water storage by Homicide Detectives at his Kitisuru home. The body which was wrapped with many layers of clothing revealed signs of torture before his murder. The underground storage which was empty had been completely sealed with concrete & guised with bushy wood cuttings. Sarah Wairimu, the key suspect & the late’s wife has been in remand after being severally interrogated by the investigating Team. The operation was led by DCI Director Mr. George KINOTI.
A visibly shaken George Kinoti described Tob Cohen's killers as absolutely heartless and said that Tob Cohen met his death in the most painful of ways. His body showed signs of having undergone untold torture.

The wife of Tob Cohen is a person of interest and the main suspect in her husband's murder. She is currently in police custody. Sarah Wairimu Kamotho had earlier told journalists that her unpredictable husband wanted divorce.

Sarah Wairimu Kamotho became a board member of Tob Cohen's  company Tobs Limited in 1999 after a director died. She had one share in the company at the time of Tob Cohen's death. The rest of the shares, 999, were held by Tob Cohen.

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