Failed Journalist Ciku Muiruri Dances On The Grave Of Tob Cohen With Distasteful Remarks

Failed Journalist Ciku Muiruri Dances On The Grave Of Tob Cohen With Distasteful Remarks

The death of Tob Cohen in the hands of his tormentors who reportedly tortured him beyond measure, wrapped his body in countless clothes before disposing him in a septic tank has shocked the entire nation, save for Ciku Muiruri.

The former Nation Media Group and Classic 105 presenter who was labelled faked by the Kenyan audience for staging her infamous "Busted" episodes took the earliest opportunity to promote her book by claiming to have known Tob Cohen and his wife.

It is not possible for anyone to prove that the two knew each other because the man is dead and his wife is in police custody but Ciku Muiruri claims that the man in fact bought her book which he delivered.

There's no length Ciku Muiruri will not go to promote her book whose performance in the market has been dismal despite shoving it down everyone's throat. With a massive following on Facebook, not a day passes without her urging her fans to buy the book.

The book has done so poorly that Ciku Muiruri has resorted to unconventional methods to sell it. These methods include penning down shocking sentiments in a bid to trigger everyone to talk about her. Well, you have won. Here is the tweet.

I knew Tob Cohen. He and Sarah Wairimu both bought a copy of #CikuWeDontWantYourBook. I spent a large part one evening bonding with their dogs. Dogs, very friendly & lovable (at least to me), that if need be, can turn VICIOUS. Dogs protect their master... Where were they?? RIP Tob
Sarah Wairimu is being accused of orchestrating the murder of her husband and later lying about the events that led to his disappearance.

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