Man Warns Fellow White Men Against Marrying Kikuyus

Man Warns Fellow White Men Against Marrying Kikuyus Sean Murphy Tob Cohen Sarah Wairimu

The recent discovery of the body of Tob Cohen in a septic tank after he was allegedly murdered by his wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho has sparked a controversial debate on the myth that Kikuyu women are more likely to kill their husbands than women from any other tribe in Kenya.

Sean Murphy, an Irish man who has 25 years of experience in building and growing businesses in emerging and frontier markets (CEE, LatAm, Caribbean, and since 2009 in Sub-Saharan Africa) did not mince his words when warning White people about the two outcomes they risked facing if they ever decided to marry a Kikuyu woman.

If you are a successful, white (but slightly lonely) businessman who knows his way around Kenya + you get with a certain type of "feisty" Kikuyu woman full time, then you must accept that there are mostly two potential outcomes. You end up killing them or they end up killing you. 
Sean Murphy's sentiments were met with mixed reactions from Kenyans with some agreeing with him in totality and others calling him a blatant racist who was ignoring the real issues at hand and instead deciding to stir the pot of tribal profiling.

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