Kush Tracey Backslides, Releases A Dirty Song With Kristoff

Kush Tracey Backslides, Releases A Dirty Song With Kristoff

Kush Tracey recently gave her life to Christ in a desperate bid to save her dwindling career but Jesus was seemingly having none of it because her numbers are more embarrassing than ever before.

Kush Tracey came into the limelight as a student in Kenyatta University when she released her own rendition of Dandia, a viral song by Kristoff, King Kaka and Frasha. Her rendition of the song was dubbed Huwezi Ni Dandia.

But her real rise to fame is largely attributed to her relationship with Timmy Tdat which provided fodder for blogs for sometimes until it ended after Timmy Tdat allegedly beat her up for sleeping with an older and richer man.

Her light began to diminish soon after and she couldn't release another hit song. This is what allegedly prompted her decision to switch to gospel music. She attended a church service at Mavuno Church and declared that she had seen the light.

While such steps had worked for those who came before her, she failed. People like Size 8 and Collo saved their careers by jumping ship. The gospel music industry is well oiled, with organized promoters and an audience that is ever willing to spend on events and CDs.

Kush Tracey is now back to factory settings and has launched a raunchy music video with Kristoff and his girlfriend Yvonne Darq.

In a bid to promote the music video, Kush and Darcq decided to employ a trick straight from Willy Paul's books by staging a fight. In a video randomly released online, the two can be seen fighting over Kristoff.

You can watch the music video here. It is called Bash.
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