HELB Is The Height Of Slavery, Says Kenyan Intellectual

HELB Is The Height Of Slavery, Says Kenyan Intellectual

A Kenyan intellectual, Dr Wandia Njoya, has expressed her frustration with the Higher Loans and Education Board saying it is no different from slavery. She says that telling young people that they owe the government MONEY for going to school, is the height of slavery. It is like saying that educated citizens are criminals who must be punished.

In a thread on Twitter about linking education and money, Dr Njoya says that the Kenya government does not create an enabling environment for fresh graduates.

In fact, it is so stifling that the youth often just submit to the system just so that they can survive.

This marriage between education and money in the Kenyan collective mind needs to end. Education and money need to be divorced. Thread.

First, we need to tell GoK that society becomes better when more citizens are educated. Citizens imagine better solutions to problems and hold government more accountable. So the measure of education is not whether peoole have jobs. It's whether society is better.

All this money we waste on NGOs and "awareness" campaigns would be unnecessary if we educated our people. Because education is about showing citizens how to look for the right information, where to find it and how to use it. Education is a social good. Not an investment.

The end of the education-money marriage would also make us demand staffed and equipped SCHOOLS and LIBRARIES from politicians, instead of bursaries. Bursaries are not an education policy. Right now, we run to political rats begging for fees, when we should be demanding schools.

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Loaning money to students for education is bondage and slavery. It reduces certificates (TVET or uni) to the money graduates make, when more graduates should mean a better economy and country. But only if an enabling environment is in place. Now that's what GoK doesnt want.

An enabling environment means 1. NO DEBT for fresh graduates 2. Loans to fund youth ideas 3. Social services so that youth with new families are not worrying about maternity fees or education for their kids 4. End of corruption which is making new enterprises crush

5. An end to the aging institutions. We need more young people in institutions and spheres of influence. We are not employing youth because we elders are giving ourselves multiple positons in several institutions while making youth work on contract.

5 (cont). I have say more on this because it's annoying. The way we interview demanding loads of experience needs to end. We are basically writing employment ads which only elders can fill. And is a culprit of this. It demanded lecturers with credentials of professors

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5 (cont). We need to see induction of youth into our institutions as a means to mentor. But the truth is, we elders are scared of youth taking over from us because we have built nothing. We have just been managing what we found and we have built nothing new. Now we're old.

6. It needs to be easier for entrepreneurial youth to earn from their ideas. More access to credit. Respect for copyright. Easier patenting process. Wazungu steal our youths ideas thru incubators while GoK sings about new cities and chases youth with KRA or gun-totting police.

Putting more into facilitating learning, rather than paying fees, could make communities and counties come up with more efficient and less expensive ways of running schools. I have suggested some here.

But telling young people that they owe us MONEY for going to school, not even their skills, ideas and energy, is the height of slavery. It's saying that educated citizens are criminals who must be punished. Young people owe us nothing but their best talent and energy for humanity

And by the way, the youth have better ideas on how to make education sustainable. Have we asked them?

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Young people can give schools and colleges ideas on budget allocations if we sit down and explain what is available. But we dont, because we need to reserve to money to steal. Now Matiangi and Babu Owino got a slave law imposed on students that muzzles student voices.

In the name of money, my generation has declared war on the youth. And I dont imagine how we think we can win. We may win a few battles with the weight of power, but they will win this unnecessary war with just a sling and stones. Justice & Mother Nature are on their side. END.

The common hoax peddled around is that youth have to pay back their education loans so that other students also get a chance. How much money is lost through corruption? How many unnecessary expenses do Universities incur?

Tweets sourced from @wmnjoya


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  1. Wandia njoya is right.. HLB is form of slavery.. Why should we be educated on debt

  2. "What the youth owe society is (not money but) their best talent, ideas, skills & energy!" Wow! Thanks Wandia


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