Nyayo Highrise Man Admits He Accessed His Female Housemate's Server

Nyayo Highrise Man Admits He Accessed His Female Housemate's Server

A discussion has raged online over who is at fault when a man from Nyayo Highrise sought public opinion over a sensitive matter. 
He had rented part of his house to a woman for 8 months and when he gave her notice to vacate, she went to the chief and claimed she was his wife. 
He now admits he did access her server for a while but only for administrative purposes.

Here is the background;
Copied from Ephraim Otieno's Facebook wall.

A year ago, I acquired a two bedroom house in Nyayo Highrise Estate, Nairobi.
Then decided to sublet the smaller bedroom to a lady friend. I was left with living room and the master bedroom! Of course shared with her the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.
She has been in my house for now 8 months.
I gave out that room because at the time I acquired the house, I had little things. They could only fit in the living room and master bedroom.
Have since bought a lot of things and now the two rooms I have are not enough. And as such needed back the smaller bedroom.
Did what is expected of me and delivered a one month notice to her and delivered another copy to the chief who happens to have an office within the Estate.
Upon receiving the letter she rushed to the chief and made a malicious allegation that has left me wondering what could be wrong with our ladies. She told the chief that she's going NOWHERE because she's my WIFE!
My wife??? How? Why did she make that claim?
The lady is a MASTERS student in a leading private university.
She just called me and infomed me she's moving to court tomorrow!
Any advice please!
This is the notice he gave her;

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Nyayo Highrise Man Admits He Accessed His Female Housemate's Server

After the matter went viral and became a gossip topic, the man gave his response, where he admits he accessed the woman's server several times.

Friends, let me start by thanking you all for the unwavering support you've shown since yesterday. To those who have visited with me, called me, texted me, Ahsanteni saana for that show of salidarity. And to those of you who have not agreed with me, I appreciate your independent opinions as you're entitled to them!
Since I brought this issue here, allow me also to share her CLAIMS here, then clarify them!
She claims;
1. That she has been living with me for the last 8 months.
2. That we've had $*x for the last 7 months.
3. That we have been living as couples for the last 7 months.
4. That I brought her in as a girlfriend and NOT as a TENANT.
5. That the sublet fee she has been sending every 5th day of the month is NOT rent but HELPING me pay for the house.
6. That we jointly own the house.
1. I allowed the TENANT in my house on 25th May, 2018 upon payment of rent and a deposit of the same amount. Unfortunately there was NO any signed agreement to that effect!
2.She has been paying her rent, Ksh.7,000 NOT later than 5th day of every month!
3.I openly admit that I occasionally accessed her server. (Because she has a lot of evidence to that effect)! But NEVER promised marriage. Neither did she talk about it. She has NEVER asked me to marry her. In fact, we agreed we would LIMIT it to a $*x affair ONLY!
4. Between May and October of 2018, I invited my girlfriend over on several occasions and she (Tenant) never had any problem.
5. In October 2018, we disagreed with my girlfriend and she stopped coming over to my house.
Good people, hell started on Friday 25th January, 2018 when I invited my new girlfriend to my house. We arrived in my house at noon. And after lunch, left Bae in the house and went to town to attend to something.
Two hours later she called and upon receiving, could hear her cry. She then said, "You've left me in your house so that your wife can kill me????!!!!!!!"
The TENANT chased AWAY my Bae from my OWN house.
The rest that followed are drama that I would not want to share here!
She maintains she's my wife. She lies we jointly own the house.
Threatening to go to court on Monday if I do not change my position.
Why would you force someone to marry you when there's NO love???
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Some Facebook users supported him while others had other ideas;

Cathy Stephen For one you didn't make her sign a contract when you sublet the room to her, secondly you admit to accessing her server. Unfortunately she will force you to marry her.

Laura Orwaya Is she the first woman whose server has been accessed by a man who isn't ready to marry her? Was she raped? Why cause drama now that the man has a girlfriend he loves? If you decide to live on the edge please learn to stay there. This is a case of a woman who wants more than she burgained for. Back to the man... Why can't you move out then and lease the house to someone else to avoid more drama? Are you enjoying all this?

Lokpunya Lemeray That's y I have never been convienced that one can use a sugarcane like a walking stick without chewing it at some point...am yet to see


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