Man Arrested For Grabbing Food From The Snake's Mouth In Nairobi's Snake Park

Man Arrested For Attempting To Grab Food From The Snake's Mouth In Nairobi's Snake Park

Wilson Kithome Muinde took the aspect of risk to a whole new high when he did what even the toughest of Nairobi's hardened criminals would think twice before doing.
The directorate of criminal investigations reported on Twitter that Wilson Kithome Muinde was arrested outside the headquarters of the Directorate situated on Kiambu Road. He was attempting to steal a spare tyre from a vehicle that had been parked in the compound.
Mr. Wilson Kithome Muinde aged 35 years was arrested yesterday and arraigned in court today for attempting to steal a spare wheel from a vehicle parked outside the DCI Headquarters.
Many Kenyans have wondered what was going through the mind of Wilson Kithome before embarking on his mission. The officers in that department of police are known to move with the stealth of a snake and houses some of the most dreaded police men and women in the country.

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