Grace Msalame To Sue Uganda For Calling Her Hips A Tourist Attaction Site

Grace Msalame To Sue Uganda For Calling Her Hips A Tourist Attaction Site

Curvacious television presenter Grace Msalame has commenced the uphill task of going up against an entire perverted country that has used her photo to cleanse the eyes of the ever insatiable Ugandan men through a widely distributed poster.
Dubbed #MissCurvyUganda, a pageant that will be held in Uganda to celebrate the curvy women in the landlocked country used Grace Msalame's pictures in their media promos.
Grace Msalame has come out guns blazing and issued a statement saying that the use of her image and likeness has brought damage to the brand that took years of hard work to build.
As you all know there has been a lot of debate on social media regarding Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 and the statements made by Uganda's State Minister of Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda during the launch of the Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 pageant.
You also know that my image and likeness have been used in promotional material for the pageant. I would like to categorically state that my image and likeness were used without my permission. I take great exception to the fact that my image and likeness are being used to propagate, disseminate and encourage objectification of women's bodies. I do not endorse or agree with such a message or anyone who is a creator or supporter of the idea that women's bodies are tourist attraction sites. A person's body is the only and one God-given thing they have, a gift from the creator that is and should be a true and constant reminder that we are made in His image. Women's bodies should be respected and every woman's fundamental right to human dignity should be upheld and protected. I reject any association to me that has been unlawfully created by Miss Curvy Uganda 2019 and its supporters or agents. Miss Curvy Uganda's deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeness to promote and encourage the violation of women's bodies has defamed my character and reputation, damaged a brand that I have worked for many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying. I am currently pursuing legal action and remedies against Miss Curvy Uganda.
I take this opportunity to clearly state that I strongly and categorically reject the message that women's "curves, arms, waists and bodies" are "stories to sell" for tourism. I strongly and categorically reject the message and idea that women's bodies can be used by state agencies to generate state revenue. I strongly and categorically reject a message that pits women of different sizes against each other. I am in no way associated with an activity that objectifies women in the name of promoting culture. Women are people, they are not sex objects.
Grace Msalame To Sue Uganda For Calling Her Hips A Tourist Attaction Site


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