She Bought 10 P2 Pills In A Month. Am Telling Her Mother

She Bought 10 P2 Pills In A Month. Am Telling Her Mother

A worker in a chemist in the city of raw gang shared her frustration at the crooked ways of a fellow church member's daughter. She says she has seen the university student visit the Nairobi chemist on Saturdays several times now. Upon further investigations, a colleague at another chemist says the girl has also been their client.

Although rubber companies have upped their game in advertising their products used for protection during lungula, it's falling on deaf ears.

More of Nairobi youth are venturing into each other raw because it's is hassle free and more enjoyable.

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Christine*, (name withheld) told Daily Updates that young girls have become too reckless and do not fear diseases as much as they fear pregnancy.

After doing the deed, they get scared of pregnancy and rush to buy P2. What's worrying is that they do not tell their boyfriends and end up facing the after effects on their own. The extreme effects are veiled under a 'heavy period'.

She said the only option she had was to speak to the girl's mother as there was no other way she could approach it.

From young men we have interacted with, a growing trend is that even the young ladies now demand for raw matches. They argue that once you are used to the dry fry, you can never go back.

But what can a mother tell her daughter?

Gynaecologists now say that the effects of the P2 are increasing with the ballooning cases of premature labour and miscarriages suffered by Nairobi women.


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