How Kibra MP Ken Okoth Found Out He Had Cancer

How Kibra MP Ken Okoth Found Out He Had Cancer

After prolonged ulcer symptoms and weight loss, doctors finally diagnosed the Kibra legislator with stage 4 colorectal cancer. This means that he has to take medication ( a tablet a day), for the rest of his life.

He has finally come out to share his battle as a cancer warrior.

This diagnosis, however, was not easy to come by. For over a year, he presented symptoms of ulcers, at times bacterial infections and that is what he was being treated for.
He was even put on drugs to manage stress. Okoth says that all that time, he was battling  abdominal pain and weight loss.
By the time his doctor ordered some advanced scans, the cancer was found at stage four. It was shocking news to his family.

The Kibra MP has been at the forefront of the legalization of medical marijuana , which helps in managing pain. He has also been successful in using the CDF for proper development in his constituency.

Speaking to the Standard, he shares how a cancer diagnosis is accompanied by so much unknowns. He got support from his family and friends who were with him during extensive treatment that combined radio- and chemotherapy, to ensure his health remained manageable.
Unfortunately, because his cancer was discovered at stage four, he will have to undergo long term treatment.
“I will be using chemotherapy tablets that I can take every morning. Because my disease was discovered at a very advanced stage; it cannot be cured. It can only be managed,” he says.
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His friend and fellow legislator Babu Owino expressed his support;


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