Bridget Achieng Writes Emotional Letter To Baby Daddy Who Wanted An Abortion

Bridget Achieng Writes Emotional Letter To Baby Daddy Who Abandoned Her Baby

Bridget Achieng has revealed that her Nigerian baby daddy tried to lure her into aborting her baby and even abandoned her when she was three months pregnant.
In an emotional YouTube video, Bridget fights back tears as she talks of just how much she wanted a baby and could not understand why the man abandoned her. She confesses that she questioned God and herself and even asked herself if she was ugly.

So this last year I happened to really really get blessed. So today I want to do something called the letter to my baby daddy. This is coming from a place, and this coming from far and it's, it has taken me a lot of courage to do this because considering the fact that all of you know I am expecting a baby anytime. I want to just do this because I know a girl or two out there need to listen to this. Since I got pregnant, I've not been taking interviews and it's for a reason, I don't want my story to be twisted. Everyone knows I've already talked about this on my SnapChat before that I got abandoned with a pregnancy and from the time I he left, I haven't been able to set my eyes on him. He has never communicated or anything, but today I'm at peace. I just want to tell my baby daddy a few words. You know the from the first time I met him. I was not dating anybody. My life has really changed the way I look at things my fears, my worries and he's given me something that I have been looking for for a long time out and I never went to any one to tell them or something, but my close friends would actually know that I've always wanted a baby. I have a foundation and I take care of kids, so basically I've always wanted to have a baby to call to mention by my name. You know a baby that would be mine from my womb. You know so I never went loudly about it like some other, like in Africa or in the world. They believe that you need to get married. I mean you need to go to school and you know get your papers get married and get kids well. Some of us, our stories, are written. I don't know what made you go away. I don't know what made you run. I don't really understand what runs in your mind. Wherever you are. I was disturbed. I was depressed.
Bridget has since delivered the baby named Sekani Rich Opeyemi.


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Bridget Achieng Writes Emotional Letter To Baby Daddy Who Wanted An Abortion

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