How To Find A Girlfriend In 2017

This post will give you tips on how to find a girlfriend in 2017. We have around four more weeks until the year ends. So as you guessed, it going to be intense if you are to have any hope of love. Although targeted to men, women will learn a thing or two from this. If you want to be found, you have to be at the right place at the right time.

First of all, I know you hate it and pity yourself when all you see on social media are pictures of your happy friends with their partners doing goofy poses. Hashtag #LoveConquersAll #MyBaeIsBetterThanYours.
Why do you pity yourself? You have no one to take pictures with and show to the world. The best you can do is take a photo of your food and lie that you are enjoying it. Well, this is what you should do;

Clean Up
Yeah. Single life tends to get people too relaxed and slowly your house becomes unattractive because, after all, you have no girl and they will understand. Who's they? Your bed has your laptop in it and clothes and this gets you to a comfort zone that you need nobody.

Make Money
Money attracts a lot of things (err..and people).This is not to brag to others about how many plots you can buy or how many phones you have. Money is the freedom that will enable you to do things like the next point.

Go Out and Travel
All you do is watch movies and stay indoors when you are not working. Once you make enough extra money. You can make bookings and travel to destinations you have never been to before. While most complain that it is too expensive, all you have to do is to take advantage of special promotions that will have you shocked at why you didn't start traveling early enough. Going out and traveling lets you meet great people!

Try Online Dating
We are in 2017 and love is right in your hands in the form of dating apps. The only advice I will give for this is: Choose a potential mate, start chatting with them. If they like you, organize a date. Repeat. Trust me. Something's got to give. Don't forget point number two.

Be Daring
Look, this will always be my policy. The worst that can happen is a girl laughing at you and tell you you two cannot happen. How will you know if you do not try? Fear keeps a lot of people single yet beautiful relationships could flourish. Start with asking for her number like a boss. Then take it from there.

All the best as you get your love this December! Read below to get more tips.

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