Joblessness Bites Hard As Munya Withdraws Case, Begs Uhuru For A Job

Peter Munya Uhuru Kenyatta Kiraitu Murungi Meru County governor

The former governor of Meru County, Peter Munya is finally feeling the bitterness of joblessness as he sought to withdraw his case challenging the election of Kiraitu Murungi.
Moments after his lawyers filed an application of leave which was granted, the former governor told members of the press that Uhuru Kenyatta promised him a job if he withdrew the case.
So much is the governor anticipating the job that he was even heard saying that he is willing to relinquish his leadership position in PNU if the job he is given demands so.
Peter Munya was beaten by more than 30000 votes by old man Kiraitu Murungi. Many believe Munya was swept by Jubilee wave that hit Mount Kenya region. All the candidates with the Jubilee ticket had their money machines oiled by powerful people in State.
Shortly after Kiraitu Murungi was declared governor, Munya joined NASA saying he wanted to be in the right side of history and added that he did not want to be part of a system that rigged him of his victory.
Peter Munya Uhuru Kenyatta Kiraitu Murungi Meru County governor
Peter Munya With NASA Leadership

But a meeting in State House days after saw Munya withdraw his support and rejoin the PNU camp that had refused to follow him when he sought a different political road.
Many in the great county of Meru wait to see the job that one of their sons will be given by Uhuru Kenyatta's government.
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