AlShabaab Resurface Killing Two Officers In Kenya Coast

AlShabaab Resurface Kill Officers

In what is becoming a persistent series of battles drawn along the Kenyan Coastal region, Al-shabaab militants killed two police officers on Tuesday.
A police escort car was ambushed by suspected militants at Nyongoro area and two administrative police officers died in the gunfire exchange. The other officers who were escorting five buses that were headed to Mombasa from Lamu were injured in the ensuing battle.
Larry Kieng, who is the Coast Police Chief said that reports indicated that some GSU officers who also responded to the attack sustained injuries.
The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) that invaded the Boni Forest to flush out militants earlier this year, had helicopters patrolling the area once reinforcements arrived.
Witnesses say the attackers distributed leaflets to passengers that said that they were only after the Government of Kenya.
Sources say that some police officers might have been taken hostage. The attacks especially in Lamu have happened both during the day and night.
Ever since Kenya invaded Somalia, the Al-Shabaab have staged numerous retaliatory attacks that have seen many officers and citizens lose their lives.
The Kenyan Government often is said to avoid telling the real number of security officers that have lost their lives.
In a report by the United Nations, the KDF is on the spot for apparent intentional failure in enforcing a ban on export of charcoal in Somalia.

The report states that ,“African Union Mission in Somalia, whose Kenyan Defence Forces troops are still deployed at Kismayu and Buur Gaabo ports, have neither helped the Somali authorities in enforcing the charcoal trade ban nor allowed the Monitoring Group access to charcoal exporting ports."

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