Health Mondays: A Focus On Infective Endocarditis


Infective Endocarditis Kenya
Endocarditis is a condition characterized by inflammation(swelling) of the inner lining of the heart's chambers and valves known as endocardium.

If the cause of the inflammation is infection then it is known as infective endocarditis. 

The common organisms associated with this infection are normally of bacterial origin though some infections can also be caused by fungal organisms.

Infections due to fungal organisms normally take longer to respond to medication as compared to those caused by bacterial organisms.


Legs and abdominal swelling, chest pain, strained breathing, tiredness, fever alternating with chills, muscular/joints pain, presence of blood in the urine, loss of weight, pain below the left rib cage due to the swelling of the spleen as a complication and red spots at the palms/feet (a state known as Janeway lesions).


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