Ben Cycoz and The Dapper Brother: How Christ Cycoz Started(and Ended)


Ben Cycoz and The Dapper Brother Expalin How Christ Cycoz Started(and Ended)

Ben Kariuki aka Ben Cycoz, Muriuki Kagiri aka The Dapper Brother and Clinton Andambi aka Dambiz started the gospel group Christ Cycoz back in 2013 and had considerable success in the gospel industry before they wrapped up the outfit four years ago.

Ben Cycoz has since worked hard to build his own brand in the music industry and is also the host of his own podcast on YouTube.

The Dapper Brother who was a member of Kenyan Boys Choir for close to four years before Christ Cycoz was formed shifted from music and now focuses on content creation.

Dambiz is now a scriptwriter and video director who runs Runinga Networks.

When the Dapper Brother and his girlfriend Tracey Gachie appeared on Ben Cycoz' podcast, the three had an hour long conversation that paints a clear picture on how they met and the struggles they went through in high school and campus and then life after that.

You can watch the podcast below.

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