Beneath Poverty And Drug Abuse, Gabiro Mtu Necessary Is A Lyrical Force


Beneath Poverty And Drug Abuse, Gabiro Mtu Necessary Is A Lyrical Force

Starting out as a traditional band member back in 2013, Gabiro Mtu Necessary drew his earliest inspirations from the likes of Octopizzo, Lucky Dube, Khuli Chana, Juliani and a host of others.

Having had a brief spell at Maseno University studying Finance and later Android and Cellular Software development before he dropped out in his third year to pursue a career in music.

Gabiro was always in touch with his music which spurred him to write his 1st song in 2014 titled Story. The song went on to bag him an award at the prestigious Tecno Vybez Awards that same year.

He later got back to studio and released another single, “Naitwa Gabiro.” During this time, he met the talented producer, Malique and together, they created a new direction for Gabiro’s music and released the hit single, Ujumbe.

In the same year, a number of collaborations were released by Gabiro and within few months of their release, the songs gained massive airplay on radio and in clubs.

As a result of the success of the singles and collaborations a household name came into being, Mtu Necessary.

He is steadily building a reputation as Kisumu’s best lyricist, and also shares his personal struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music's status quo.

Hip-hop inspired me to persevere and self-educate myself. When I was going through it, the thing that held me down was an old computer at my uncle’s place that I stored thousands of downloaded beats in. That’s why I’m so loyal to the cause and loyal to the culture. I feel like I owe it to Hip-hop to do the best I can.

While many rappers tell us their story, Gabiro possesses the ability to bring you into his world and show it to you. Perhaps his most notable song, Story, is a story of stories that happen in real life but are often ignored. This song discusses bullying, police shootings, drug abuse and political injustice.

Gabiro's diversity has seen him transition from not only being a rapper but also the best lyricist as is evident on his current releases, Bad Girl Loving and Kus Kus.

He has worked with both young and well-known artists across the globe in both musical and non-musical collaborations including and not limited to Kidis, Wyre, Ketchup,Owuor Arunga and most recently the new gengetone crew Kavirondo Gang.

Currently Gabiro has a new EP; MPITO featuring singer Asen B that has cumulatively gained more than 500,000 streams on various digital platforms.

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