John Pombe Magufuli Won Many Battles For Tanzania Except Covid

John Pombe Magufuli Won Many Battles For Tanzania Except Covid


The late president of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli, took over the nation from a meek Jakaya Kikwete and set his countrymen on the warpath against foreign influence and corrupt government officials.

He was widely seen as a man of the people with his populist decrees that got him wide admiration from neighboring countries. 

John Pombe Magufuli rarely traveled abroad, instead choosing to delegate such duties to members of his cabinet in a bid to slash government spending. 

He was also very critical of loans from Western and Asian countries and was reported to have cancelled some loans his predecessors had secured for improvement of infrastructure.

President Magufuli was also known to be extremely volatile with how he handled disputes with neighbors, especially Kenya. Many a times, Kenya Airways has found itself banned from the Tanzanian airspace due to diplomatic tussles.

At the height of the covid pandemic when Kenya closed her borders, Tanzania went above and beyond to frustrate Kenyan truck drivers at the Namanga border. 

It remains to be seen how far the damage caused by his handling of the pandemic will go.

As a result of him denying the existence of the virus in Tanzania, many Tanzanians without the resources to seek healthcare abroad lost their lives. 

In the months leading to his death, covid struck very close to Pombe Magufuli, with the virus ravaging through his cabinet and circle of close friends. 

Even in the face of death, the president refused to change his mind on how to handle the virus and urged the ministry of health not to put into place plans to purchase vaccines for the masses.

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