Mingling Professionalism And ShowBiz: How Betty Kyallo Speaks To The New Era


Mingling Professionalism And Show Business: How Betty Kyallo Speaks To The New Era

Battered by age but unbowed, Kenya's most controversial yet most beloved journalist has refused to crumble under the weight of everything her predecessors couldn't handle and is back on your screens like she never left.

Betty Kyallo wrings the utmost out of each experience so quickly and so easily just for the kick at the end of it all and this is why she’s come to be liked by all who live through her adventures.

The bag is not new to Betty when something new is always waiting on the horizon to be experienced and all her detractors tear at her sight on some new ventures all over the gram.

‘Finished’ Betty now looks younger than prime time news Betty and promises it’s all in the genes and hydration much to the chagrin of her wall bound disciples and sour graped opposition.

Betty may well be on her way to picking the baton from Sheila Mwanyigha if ever that woman hands it over. In her ever teasing blue get up, Betty broke to the loyals that she’ll be reuniting with them in no time on TV for another wicked ride into the sunset. 

Mingling Professionalism And Show Business: How Betty Kyallo Speaks To The New Era
Betty Kyallo's New Show

This announcement had the splitting effect with many gunning for the good old days of Betty on Friday while some probed for the possibility of a new segment to accommodate her eternal presence.

Her days on the big screen were fruitful and alluring enough to warrant her own segment every Friday night in what became the liveliest broadcast aired at such an hour when only mediocrity flooded the airwaves.

Love came at her and she took it unflinchingly like the baddie we know she is, enterprise and glow came soon after that. Betty was now in the upper echelon brushing shoulders and raising bottoms with the elite from all classes of affluence.

A brief stint on the set of K24 followed by her walking out looked to have sealed all hope for a Kyallo return to TV.

Not one to draw out suffering or joy she has moved on decently on to the next without much as a breakdown that was expected by all in the green corner and Chokora twitter showed her the ropes accepting her as their own. All her interactions on the bird app have demonstrated that she really can thrive in chaos and peddles violence when needed.

Kyallo is now set to make a return with longtime prankster and king of comedy in Africa with a game show, something for Kenyans all over to bond over in these tiring times of poor programming content.

The two have been coy and clamoring all over each other’s instas in the past and that has paid off with the broadcasting corp electing to milk the chemistry for something never seen before.  

Eric Omondi’s recent arrest and charging with distribution of an unrated, unlicensed film during filming for the second season of his successful series, Wife Material, when the contestants went off script and into unarmed combat triggered by underhand comments from an unseen party looks to set up a thick and steady flow of viewership.

Controversy chaos and scene are guaranteed when Betty steps into the light flanked by Eric Omondi. This time you have fair warning and should be ready for the flight of Betty.

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