Lisa Gaitho: The Man I Washed Everyday Tried To Lure Me Into Satanism

Lisa Gaitho: The Man I Washed Everyday Tried To Lure Me Into Satanism

Blogger and model has revealed the bizarre events that led to the termination of her relationship with a supposedly wealthy Nigerian boyfriend that she had paraded all over social media and used as an ideal control experiment when dissecting the flaws and shortcomings of Kenyan men on her blog and YouTube channel.
The blogger claims that the relationship with the Nigerian man was as rosy as she had made everybody think it was but it had its own problems. While she says the Nigerian boyfriend was good to her, she admits he wasn't good for her.
She talks of a Nigerian-American man that she met before meeting the Nigerian that she has recently broke up with that tried to lure her into Freemasonry.
I have always gone above and beyond in my relationships. I became a Muslim for a guy. For the second time I abandoned God. This guy was a Freemason. And he was all wrapped up in black power, black pride and African superiority and all that stuff. And I was blind. You know, he sent me books and stuff. And, because I get so invested in a guy, am very open minded. And sometimes when you are not anchored in God and in Jesus, you move very easily. Am talking from experience. All the things he is telling me make so much sense. There is books to prove it. There is so much literature on it. It is an organization that has been there for centuries. I was there feeling there's nothing wrong with it. With all the books I am reading. Jesus is a lie. Everything is written is by man.
 You can watch the explanation here from minute 13:00.


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