How Sly King Fadhili Bamboozled His Way Into Ruth Ambogo's Pants

How Sly King Fadhili Bamboozled His Way Into Ruth Ambogo's Pants

Sly, flashy and flamboyant. When his name splashed on many media outlets and online, Ruth Ambogo was impressed. Deep in her heart, she wanted to meet this young fella and learn a thing or two from him. Wilkins Fadhili, an alleged Top 40 under 40 entrepreneur, saw the hunger in the young woman and took the opportunity. Ms Ambogo swallowed the con; hook, line and sinker.

After celebrities Larry Madowo and Adelle Onyango came out to say that Wilkins is a fraud and that they had no prior engagement with him, one Ruth Ambogo took to Twitter to air her side of the story. What started off as one tweet, became the longest Kenyan Twitter thread in recent history.

Her tweets, full of typos, are consistent with a woman pumped with adrenaline, ready to revenge the misery inflicted by one Wilkings Fadhili.

In her logic, once you make it to that coveted list, you are a saint. She was sold. And ready to do business with Fadhili.

Her thread exposes why she believed Fadhili..

Ruth later finds out that Fadhili only has one pair of shoes. Amazing, right?
Fadhili's way with words made Ruth agree and look forward to partnering with the man.

The typos continue. The tweets are less than 3 minutes apart, so we understand the rush she had to tell the story.

At this point, we realize her story corroborates with her old Facebook posts.

Posts show a lady who is in really good terms with Mr. Fadhili. She even wishes him a happy birthday. The weight and length of the posts lead us to classify the nature of their relationship.

Your resilience, your hunger for knowledge, your natural get-back-up lifestyle. Wilkings Odinga Fadhili knowing you; nothing that comes before or against you can ever break you. Nothing can take away that fire in you that will keep burning even when there seems to be no hope at all.

Her poetic writing shows a deep friendship as few would write such words for a casual friend.

As she continued with her Twitter thread, one tweet blew open the conspiracy pipe, and interesting replies came;

Wilkings was such a gentleman that he left his unlocked phone to go buy tomatoes for their meal.


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