Tweets That Convinced Wilkins Fadhili Not To Take His Life

Tweets That Convinced Wilkins Fadhili Not To Take His Life

When it became too much, when the harsh social media were relentless in their onslaught, Wilkins Fadhili felt that he had come to end of his rope. He tweeted and posted his would be final thoughts on social media, then he changed his mind.

The accusations and evidence were coming in thick and fast. He had already apologized to Larry Madowo who had threatened legal action on the man.

Fadhili took to Facebook;

He also wrote 'Goodbye' on Twitter, but later deleted the tweet.

Unfortunately, angry Kenyans urged him to go ahead with levels of dark humour never seen before. Others, just like on Facebook, encouraged him to keep fighting and apologize.

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When the expose tweets by Ruth Ambogo flooded on the timeline, sources say Wilkins had a dose of hope. He would accuse Ruth of being an accomplice and he would probably survive.

Classic case of Bonnie and Clyde.

He even offered to give an interview to give his side of the story.


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