Buyer Beware! Kenya's Greatest Con Artists Of All Time

Buyer Beware! Kenya's Greatest Con Artists Of All Time

In the wake of the scandal of the man behind the brands, Wilkins Fadhili, and his former lover and business associate Ruth Ambogo, memories of many others like them linger in the minds of many Kenyans who have fallen victims to the con artists of Nairobi city.
Here is a list of Kenyans who fooled other Kenyans, swindled them of the money or other valuables and walked scot-free.
  • Chef Ciiku Kabura

Chef Ciiku Kabura Elizabeth
Chef Ciiku Kabura
Chef Ciiku Kabura has mastered the art of engineering her own problems and asking strangers to help her sort them out. She will start a conversation with you on Twitter, you take it to the next level by exchanging numbers and before you know it she tells you she has been arrested and needs 10k bail money.

  • David The Student

David The Student
David The Student
Comedian David the student went to the United States to perform at a birthday party but decided to stay behind to chase the American dream. When things became too tough for him, he turned to conning his fellow Kenyans in the US. So extreme was David the student in his ways that he even lied to them that his father had died and he needed funds.
  • Ruth Ambogo
Ruth Ambogo
Ruth Ambogo

Ruth Ambogo was allegedly working with Wilkins Fadhili to con unknowing celebrities. She has also been accused of failing to pay models.
  • Wilkins Fadhili

Wilkins Fadhili
Wilkins Fadhili
A man who has never gone to school convinced the whole country that he went to Leeds University after cooking 3000 chapatis a day for a whole year, is a Top 40 Under 40, and even became a Blaze Mentor.
He also lied and convinced everyone that he had been awarded a 16.5 million grant by a certain VC firm. He will perhaps be remembered for being sent tomatoes by Ruth Ambogo.

  • Prophet Victor Kanyari 
Prophet Victor Kanyari
Prophet Victor Kanyari

Prophet Victor Kanyari made millions and even married one of the top Gospel artists in the country by convincing his TV and radio audiences that they would receive God's blessings if they planted seeds in the form of Ksh310.
Even after being exposed by Jicho Pevu, his church was still filling up to capacity and business is on as usual.

  • Heshan De Silva

Heshan De Silva
Heshan De Silva
Heshan was also a creation of the mainstream media who sold him to Kenyans as a multi dollar millionaire. His venture capital firm, VenCap, is said to have invested in over 17,000 companies. Things fell apart when his employer Glass Door dropped him because of his lies.
  • Joshua Waiganjo 

Joshua Waiganjo
Joshua Waiganjo
Joshua Waiganjo served as a cop and rose through the ranks to the levels that enabled him to share a chopper with the inspector general of police. He wasn't a cop. He never even went to a police training school. After being exposed and arrested, he ran for a member of parliament seat in Njoro.

  • Waziri Chacha

Waziri Chacha
Benson Waziri Masubo alias Wazir Chacha took his con game to the highest of levels, Parliament. He used the Identification card of Murang'a Women Representative Sabina Chege to register a line which he used to swindle money from a dozen members of Parliament.
It is also said that he was involved in the NYS scandal and had intimate relationships with several women MPs.

  • Josephine Kabura

Josephine Kabura
The rise of Josephine Kabura remains one of the most mysterious to date in Kenya. She is a former beauty artist who single handedly swindled the government of more than half a billion Kenya shillings.
She is also credited with ending Ann Waiguru's civil service career after she kept mentioning her in the NYS scandal forcing her to resign.


Buyer Beware! Kenya's Greatest Con Artists Of All Time

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