FIDA Offers Legal Support To The Woman Assaulted By DK Kwenye Beat

A storm continues to brew as the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya ( FIDA) offered legal support to the woman who was allegedly assaulted by gospel musicians Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat.

After offering a public apology on Instagram, and supported by some of their fellow musicians, many users on the internet did not hide their disappointment.

It got worse when an audio of DK Kwenye Beat mocking the assaulted woman surfaced online. In the video, he is heard daring the woman to present an OB number and evidence if she was indeed raped.

On the other hand, musician Size 8 continues to receive backlash after offering support to DK Kwenye Beat. Many found this odd as it was like going against a fellow woman.

FIDA has come to the rescue of vulnerable women many times and their involvement in this is but a start of what is to come.

They also asked the ODPP to help investigate the matter to ensure that justice is served.

Here is their statement;

FIDA Kenya is appalled to read about of the inhuman and degrading incidence to a young woman allegedly committed by . It is disheartening that a section of the society is condoning the action. Statement by alleged perpetrators have also been brought to our attention.

FIDA is reaching out to the the young woman to offer legal support. With instructions from her, we will ensure that the perpetrators are arraigned in court. Such heinous crimes do not only warrant an apology but stringent measures. Violence against women MUST stop

is calling upon the to investigate the matter.

A section of Kenyans consider gospel musicians frauds who engage in shameful acts behind their cover of holier than though.

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