Revealed: How Nairobi Bosses Mistreat Workers

Revealed: How Nairobi Bosses Mistreat Workers

A Twitter hashtag gave a glimpse to thousands of workers who suffer at the hands of their bosses. Although most who gave their stories are from Nairobi, this is something that happens all over the nation.

Code named #ToxicWorkPlaces , the hashtag exposes the sad mistreatment of the men and women who often have to bear it because they have to pay bills.

We look at some examples of sad stories;

I once worked for a Briton who would throw papers at our Manager out of anger. Because most of our clients were expats, he would train us to have accents because we sounded too “local”.

I worked for a Mr Eric Mailu,owner of a Land Surveying Company, in Nairobi. I was overworked with no OT. He fired and hired at will. I finally resigned,in July 2016,due to 2.5 months of unpaid salary. He never used to remit P.A.Y.E. as I later came to realize.

And worse when 90% of your colleagues are blood related to the boss paid higher salaries than you na hata cert Za high school hawana you can be In work today and kesho you jobless khai

My bro in law was fired 20th Dec, no notice. Just don't-come-in-tomorrow & the boss refused to pay both in lieu of notice & 20 days worked. Imagine what he had to tell his kids over Christmas? School fees in the new year? >>my thread on helping someone jobless

I almost got into depression last year coz of a boss that was a bully. She was a misogynist and crushed my self confidence every chance she had. I stayed because I thought I had no choice. I finally left and I feel liberated.

I remember and it's heartbreaking. A friend from Gambia was sharing how they're so overworked to a point one of the colleagues collapsed. The first thing the employer asked was if they had finished putting together their excel sheet presentation 😡

I have ever worked for a boss who fires people at will and makes you feel like you are the problem throughout your short time period with him, such that when he fires you you’ll leave there scarred. Almost 10 people come and leave every year.

Unfortunately, many employees in Nairobi do not even have contracts. So when it gets to taking matters to court, they have a weaker case and might turn out to be even more expensive.

Some law firms even offered to give legal representation for free but they require you to at least have a contract.

If you're Kenyan and your employer is refusing to pay up or is harassing you, visit Kituo Cha Sheria on Ole Odume Road. They offer pro bono legal services. Carry your contracts and KES 200 for registration.

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