Nairobi's Psycho Conman Fadhili Paid Journalists To Paint His Success

Nairobi's Psycho Conman Fadhili Paid Journalists To Paint His Success

I just want to make the world a better place. I promise to be a better man. In his mind, Wilkins Fadhili accepts that he is doing a mistake by conning people, but soon after, he gets back to the game. A revelation by one Ruth Ambogo indicates that all the coverage on the media was bought out.

In an earlier article, we talked about the thread written by former associate, Ruth Ambogo.

Recently, a viral article impressed some Kenyans when stories of a man who sold 3000 chapatis daily in Kakamega made enough money to go study at Leeds University in the UK.

The second falsified article was the Standard Group (Eve Woman Magazine) article that has since been deleted. The story narrates how Wilins started a chapati business in Kakamega, saved enough money for a masters in the UK.

The editor of the magazine now confirms they are investigating the matter.


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