Nilikurape, Leta OB Nifungwe! DK Kwenye Beat Dares Woman He Gang Raped With Hopekid

Nilikurape, Leta OB Nifungwe! DK Kwenye Beat Dares Woman He Gang Raped With Hopekid

After a series of public relations videos ran by Size 8 to sanitize the crimes committed by her fellow gospel artists Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat, shocking and bizarre details are coming into light on the behind the scenes being orchestrated by the two.
In an audio recording exclusively broken by Daily Updates, DK Kwenye Beat can be heard ranting about the possible consequences of his actions.
You can listen to the recording here.

The disgraced artist can be heard saying that the fact that the lady in question has been cutting herself shows that she is suicidal and could kill herself.
And in a shocking move, DK Kwenye Beat says that the guy who exposed the whole thing would have to blame for the woman's death because he revealed the photo Hopekid took with the lady.
There is sharp contrast between DK's tone in the recorded audio and the subdued man that appeared on Size 8's videos. He dares the lady to take him to court if she can prove that he raped her. He even asks the lady rhetorically if her mother knew what she was doing with DK Kwenye Beat.
Following the story going around, I would like first and foremost to repent to God Almighty for living a life of sin. Secondly I would wish to apologize to my girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive to me especially during this difficult season. I would also wish to apologize to the church fraternity, my family, everyone who consumes my music and anyone who looks up to me Am Sorry.
I am not a perfect man. I am a fallen man but one that God is working on every day. I am a changed man from what I was back then. I am working my salvation with fear and trembling. Sadly this story has come out when I am on my way to complete reformation.
My prayer is that one day my ugly past will amount to an amazing testimony of God’s grace and redeeming power! For now, I am walking with Godly counsel as I seek to become the true man and minister of the gospel that God created me to be.

Size 8 Labelled As Trash For Sanitizing Two Rapists

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