Conman Wilkins Fadhili Admits He Partied Away All Stolen Cash

Conman Wilkins Fadhili Admits He Partied Away All Stolen Cash

In a slippery interview where Mr Fadhili tried to dodge the questions thrown to him, he finally admitted that he wanted life on the fast lane. He said he partied all the money that was given to him by sponsors and clients in his branding business.

give the devil his due
(idiomatic) To acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked. 

Wilkins Fadhili did a complete about turn and went to NRG radio to give his side of the story during the breakfast show hosted by Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

After much pestering from the hosts, he finally admitted that he had misused the money he had. We believe this includes the money owed to clients.

When asked to give examples of the successful brands he had worked with, Fadhili could not string a valid case of where and what he did his brand magic to. In a bitter twist, some of the clients he claimed to have worked for tweeted NRG  to say he was lying.

He however presented an identity card that shows his name as 'Wilkins Odinga Fadhili'.
Earlier reports suggested that that was not his real name.

He said he wanted to fake it until he made it and so he did deep brand analyses for popular brands to draw their attention.

He offered to work for free with clients who say he stole their money and/or return their money.


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