BREAKING: Kenyan Publishes Book About Conman Wilkins Fadhili

Wonders will never cease as a Kenyan published a book right after the drama caused by one Wilkins Fadhili. The book, titled ‘How To Spot A Kenyan Con Artist’ hit the shelves on Monday 29th and is available only in electronic format. We looked at the book and explain why you should get your copy.

If there’s one game changer in the con industry, then it is technology. Nowadays, con schemes are hatched every single day with individuals trying to outsmart others. The term ‘finesse’ has become more common and the revelations of one Wilkins Fadhili took Kenyan media by storm. In a way still not quite understood, Fadhili was able to convince Kenyans for a while that he was the best brand influencer out there. Then it all came crumbling down when Kenyan celebrities denied ever being his clients.

How To Spot A Kenyan Con Artist is a tiny book of about 30 pages. The author, one Jeff Quezos, gives a summary of how con artists think. In an interesting twist, the book mostly targets women who he calls ‘ more loving, believing and trusting’. It is this attribute that he argues makes them more susceptible to con artists.
To paraphrase the dedication section of the book;

To all those who lost their money.
To all those who admit they were outsmarted.
It was not your fault.
May it never happen again.

A deeper analysis of the book looks at the psychology of a con, denial of a con and even examples of specific con schemes in Kenya.
Then comes the funny paragraph that informed the title of this article;

The story of how someone suffered before their big break. The story of cooking 3000 chapatis a day and sending a millionaire to buy tomatoes.

That’s when we realized exactly who he was talking about..
Although short, the book gives practical tips on how to identify the con game and pulling out before it’s too late.
You can get your copy here: HOW TO SPOT A KENYAN CON ARTIST or on Amazon

Or register for payment details HERE  or send an email to


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BREAKING: Kenyan Publishes Book About Conman Wilkins Fadhili

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