Hopeful Souls Crushed. Confirmed. Caroline Mwatha Died Of Failed Abortion

Hopeful Souls Crushed. Confirmed. Caroline Mwatha Died Of Failed Abortion

The mystery has come to a rather disappointing halt. It is now confirmed that Caroline Mwatha Ochieng passed on due to excessive bleeding after a failed abortion. The country is still trying to accept this news.

In a procedure whose results have been accepted by the human rights groups that pushed the case, the news crushes the souls of many who believed it was foul play.

Still, critical questions remain unanswered.

Despite the phone communication evidence and the post-mortem, it defies logic why a married woman would attempt such a dangerous procedure.

Considering the calibre of hospitals in Kenya, an abortion at five months is extreme sports. Dangerous does not even describe it.

CAROLINE MWATHA died of excessive bleeding from ruptured uterus after abortion, post-mortem shows; rights groups satisfied with findings.

The sands of time will shout that an activist against extra judicial killings died out of fear. Fear to face the reality of a complete pregnancy. That is what those alive now believe. Whoever was with her before she passed on, will carry the truth to their graves.

After the news broke, Kenyans shared their views;

There's the truth. Then there's what they say is the truth.

May she rest in peace.


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