OMG! This Chicken Can Play The Piano (VIDEO)

OMG! This Chicken Can Play The Piano (VIDEO)

Just when we thought we had seen it all, a video of a chicken playing a piano has surfaced online. The chicken was brought to the talent show to show off its skills on a small keyboard. Surprisingly, it uses its beak to hit the keys in a way we have never seen before.

Welcome to the crazy world of cool and crazy chickens.

A Twitter user labelled the chicken the most talented ever seen. We agree 100%.

Watch the video and be the judge.

The chicken's name is Jokgu and its time on America's Got Talent show is probably the most strange thing you have ever seen. It played the song 'America the Beautiful'

This is especially because all we know is that chickens are food and a source of more food (eggs).

Want to be a vegetarian now? Got to develop the talents of the next Mozart.

Here are more videos of Jokgu, the super chicken.

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