Vulnerable Kenyan Youtuber Says He Is Gay And Has Moved On

Vulnerable Kenyan Youtuber Says He Is Gay And Has Moved On

A fledgling Kenyan Youtuber who grew up in Zimmerman has come out to say that he is gay, has accepted it and has moved on from a tough time in his life when he disagreed with his parents. Edgar Obare, who operates a Youtube channel on lifestyle and debunking alleged fake stories called "tea" in slang, uploaded a video to share the news.

According to the Oxford dictionary, gay means;

light-hearted and carefree.

"Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face"

mirthfuljovialgladhappybright, in good spirits, in high spirits, joyful, elated, exuberantanimatedlivelysprightlyvivacious,

While addressing the assumptions that viewers had of him, he says "I want to live where I am most happy and at this point in my life I live in Kenya coz this is the most happiest (ignore the double superlative) I have been in some time and I really like living in Kenya..."

He says that he has had health problems and has sought help to get better.

In the same video, some inconsiderate viewers said that they thought he was gay or bi$exual. Edgar laughed at the comment and said "Guys, I am straight. I am straight, I have been straight all my life. I think I figured I was straight when watching sexy films, I completely ignore the guy. I love women, I have always loved women."

There you have it, guys. Edgar Obare loves women and is at the gayest point (happiest) in his life.

He also admitted that he cheated on his partner but apologized because it hurt him deep inside to have cheated on someone he really cared about. He also shared that when he cheated he never told her and just broke up with her.

Here is the video;

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