Kamene Goro Confesses She Has A SMELLY NUNU

Kamene Goro Confesses She Has A SMELLY NUNU

Kenya's most famous divorcee and upcoming socialite Kamene Goro has made a shocking revelation about some very private and not so nice details about her life that will make you think twice about your crush on her.

During a question and answer session with Jeff Koinange's errand boy Xtian Dela, the new employee of Radio Africa Group alongside Andrew Kibe left no holds barred as they addressed the most asked questions about them.

Andrew Kibe talked about their famous walkout from NRG Radio saying that they found a better deal and anyone who had problems with that should take their feelings to their grandmother. He also said that he was married but only on paper because he had not finalized his divorce.

The man also talked about being blocked by a woman because he told her she had a smelly nunu. Kamene Goro goes ahead to say she had a similar problem until the man who was accessing her servers sent her a gift in the form of a whole bottle of Citro-Soda.

Kamene Goro further explains that the chemical works miraculously and did away with the unpleasant smell. She however warns that it should not be applied directly the way you apply baby powder to the face.

Citric-Soda or Baking Soda is a gastric antacid and urinary alkalinising agent. Many use it to treat urinary tract infections.

We watched the cringe video so you wouldn't have to but if you want to, here's the entire video. She talks about her smelly situation at mark 5:07.

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