How Natalie Tewa Broke The Marriage Of Maureen Waititu

Frankie Just Gym It Maureen Waititu Natalie Tewa Frank

After it recently emerged that vlogger and influencer Natalie Tewa and celebrity trainer Frankie Deonly aka Frankie Just Gym It are an item, more shocking details are coming to light regarding the relationship.

The Standard reported more than two months ago that Maureen Waititu had left the father of her two kids and they were in fact living in separate houses at the time of the report. When asked for her comments, Maureen Waititu declined to give clarity to the matter because "kids are involved."

"I have nothing to say now, you know there are kids involved and we are taking it one step at a time, when the time is right, we will both talk about it."

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It is now emerging that the relationship of Natalie Tewa and Frankie began even before Maureen Waititu had her second child. Our source however is not clear on whether the genesis of the relationship began before or during the pregnancy.

Maureen Waititu is said to have terminated the relationship as soon as she learnt of Frankie Just Gym It's infidelity.

Yoh. So duru zinazo tufikia ni kwamba Natalie Tewa and Frankie from Just gym it are apparently a thing,and have been a thing for a while now. Since before Maureen even had her 2nd kid. Eh. Okay. Ata sijui niseme.

Frankie Just Gym It Maureen Waititu Natalie Tewa Frank

One social media user on Twitter claims that Frankie Just Gym It is a serial cheater who was a repeat offender in the relationship and just had to go. She commentates that she was so much invested in the relationship and it is such a huge loss.

After breaking up Maureen went ahead and did a whole ass YouTube launch for her own new channel and ditched their AlphaBeta one. Nduru za kuaminika ni that he has been cheating for a while.

Frankie Just Gym It Maureen Waititu Natalie Tewa Frank

 Maureen Waititu, as observed by Wanja Gikonyo, has since launched her own channel and uploaded a video titled New Beginning.

The couple in their better days shared the ownership of the Alpha Beta channel which was doing extremely well before they went their separate ways. Their "How we met" video has since garnered six figure views.

Maureen Waititu has a Law degree and runs a business that specializes in Hair.

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