Do You Pee In The Swimming Pool? Here Are The Shocking Risks!

Do You Pee In The Swimming Pool? Here Are The Shocking Risks!
Anyone who tells you they have never peed in a swimming pool is a case study of how to be a poor liar. We all do it. Apart from peeing when swimming, we find ourselves swallowing the pool water too. Is it dangerous to drink the water? When you accidentally drink swimming pool water, you are likely to ingest 100 milliliters of liquid. The liquid is a cocktail of water and other wastewater with 20 nano-liters of urine included.
On the surface, there isn't much to worry about such consumption but on a closer look, we are dealing with an iceberg here. The chlorine, which is meant to keep the pool free of bacteria,  in the pool water binds with uric acid in pee to produce cyanogen chloride. Cyanogen chloride is a very toxic chemical substance. To bring its toxicity into perspective, any production of cyanogen chloride must be reported to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons!
The substance is so lethal it has once been proposed for use in chemical warfare. It is a blood agent, which causes immediate injury when brought to contact with the eyes or respiratory organs. Symptoms of exposure to the substance include vomiting, loss of consciousness, paralysis, convulsions, drowsiness and death.
So the next time you feel like obeying demands from that bladder when swimming, you know the kind of weapon you possess within you!

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