Meet Nairobi's Prettiest Gangster Killed By Police

Clare Mwaniki Thug Killed By Police

Her looks could have killed you, literally. But now she is down.Clare Mwaniki and three other thugs were confronted by the police as they carried out heists in areas around Kangundo Road. Two of the thugs that fired back at the police were killed as the two others fled on foot.
Clare is suspected to be the husband of another wanted gangster in the Eastlands area of Nairobi. Many criminal gangs in Nairobi are known to include women in their detail as police are less likely to kill women when battles ensue. The women also transport guns from a point to the other because chances of them being checked are minimum.
Clare Mwaniki Thug Killed By Police
Clare Mwaniki

But it was not a lucky day for Clare as she lost her life in an alleged shootout with the police who had been trailing the four for some time now. A Beretta was found on her. Police had used seven rounds of bullets by the time the guns were silenced. A police officer going by the name Hessy had warned Clare Mwaniki whom she referred to as Clea Adi Vybz on a Facebook post about her impending end if she did not change her ways. She chose not to change and the police delivered the promise. Her gun had its serial number obliterated making it hard to track it.
Clare Mwaniki Thug Killed By Police

The police have increased their crackdown on city gangs that have been reigning terror on city residents even going overboard to rob, maim and kill with impunity in broad daylight.

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