InstaGround Cracks As Kenyan Celebrity Is Exposed For Her IG Photo Fraud

The Kenyan internet will never be the same again after a celebrity's "expertise" in photo plagiarism was exposed by keen netizens. Instagram is known to harbor fake lifestyles and it houses purveyors of fake affluence.
This time, it was a bitter end for Kenya's Kobi Kihara, who is a prominent TV presenter and public figure in the country.
Thanks to Google's reverse image search, other Instagram users were able to spot that she posted pictures that were not hers and claimed to be the owner of those photos.
Here are some examples;

You'll notice the original photos and her versions that she later posted on Instagram and claimed them. Once this was discovered, the internet was not kind to her and it portends a brutal end to her Instagram exploits.
It remains unknown how this will affect her public life.

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