Alfred Keter Calls DP Ruto A Disgrace

Alfred Keter Calls DP Ruto A Disappointment

In a highly charged tweet, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter took time to share his thoughts on the corruption drama going on in the Kenyan political scene.

 Oooh!! it is not 21B,it is just 7B. Oooh!! DCI mandate is to deal with pickpocketing not us economic criminals. Oooh!! nobody lost life over hunger the situation is okay. Oooh!! Blah....blah...Bullsh!t!!! Please give us a break my friend you are a disgrace.
— Alfred Keter (@alfredarapketer) March 19, 2019

All signs point to an intensified hunt for those who misused government funds and particularly, the Deputy President's camp feels targeted.

The Kimwarer and Arror Dam sagas seem to have hit an especially soft spot with Kenyans shocked after the loss of about Ksh 21 billion became public.

Several news outlets continue to report that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) plans to take these cases to the very end where suspects will be prosecuted.

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