Kenyan YouTuber Miss Trudy Is Now A Millionaire, How Did She Do It?

Kenyan YouTuber Miss Trudy Is Now A Millionaire, How Did She Do It? Net worth Wodemaya boyfriend Wode Maya pregnant

Miss Trudy started out small on YouTube, visibly without money and support from other established YouTubers or an Instagram account, but has fast risen to take over the reigns from This Is Ess and her ilk. How did she do it?
This is the story of a smart young lady who figured out the YouTube algorithm and single-handedly overthrew the captains of an industry that has long been seen as a preserve of the elite media personalities and those who can afford expensive video gear.
She first became known when Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Standard Gauge Railway. Alongside the go-to rural vlogger Kemunto Bear, the two became the very first among many to give a detailed documentation of the ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. Kemunto Bear was dumped along the way but that's a story for another day.
The SGR soon became a gold rush for other YouTubers but Miss Trudy garnered more than 100,000 views from her series of videos on the subject. It was time to move on.
It is at this point that Miss Trudy began to show her ability to evolve. She shifted her focus to restaurant reviews, financing herself armed with a phone camera and a boyfriend to hold it.
She did what no other YouTuber in Kenya dared to do, vlog in the central business district. This was done seamlessly and with ease. The money spent on the food reviews paid off and she could now afford to travel. The boyfriend was no longer needed, and hence dropped into oblivion never to be seen or heard of again.
Miss Trudy's trips to the coast were well received,she expanded territory to Uganda. Everything she did on the trips was made into a video and the numbers were now rising faster than ever.
Great titles here, click bait titles there and an unrivaled consistency shot her into the limelight. She was now on the radar of the greats like Joanna Kinuthia and Wabosha Maxine. She took advantage of this and approached them for collaborations. But her meeting with Betty Kyallo and Vera Sidika got her at least a quarter million views and tens of thousands of subscribers.
When she met a China based Ghanaian Youtuber Wodemaya, she knew it was time to take the giant leap into darkness. Armed with the relationship qualities the West African man was looking for, she soon became his traveling partner. She traveled the African continent and even moved to Malaysia. It remains to be seen if Wodemaya will share the same fate with the camera holding boyfriend.
There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who has followed the journey of Miss Trudy from the beginning that she is the smartest Kenyan Youtuber to ever hold a camera. At 102,000 subscribers, She is easily the fastest rising Kenyan YouTuber right now.
Her real name is Getrude Juma and sponsors will soon be knocking on her door.

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