President of Tanzania Claims Goats And Fruits Have Tested Postive For Covid-19

President of Tanzania Claims Goats And Fruits Have Tested Postive For Covid-19

The president of Tanzania Dr John Pombe Magufuli continues to shock the world in the way he is handling the Coronavirus pandemic that is wrecking the East African country.

A respected publication, Swahili Times, in Tanzania has reported that the president was doubtful about the high cases of Covid-19 in the country and felt that the tests could be faulty.

In a bizarre move, Swahili Times reports that the president claims that goats, and a number of fruits like Jackfruit and Pawpaw have tested positive for Coronavirus hence there could be a problem with the tests being conducted.

The president also called for investigations into the laboratories conducting the tests saying the men and women could have been compromised by foreign forces.
Kuna watu wameambiwa kuwa wapo 'positive' (wana maambukizi) lakini hawana. Maana tulipima mbuzi, fenesi na papai, na vipimo vimeonesha kuwa yana corona. Hii inaonesha kabisa pengine watu wa maabara wamenunuliwa na mabeberu.
Confirmed cases of Coronavirus continue to rise in Tanzania with deaths being reported in Dar es Salaam and other regions.

The president declined to shut down churches and other places of worship in Tanzania claiming that God will protect Tanzanians from the disease that has so far claimed thousands of lives across the world.

Many citizens of the country continue with business as usual and very few instances of social distancing have been witnessed.

It remains to be seen whether the president will ramp up efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

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