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Royal Baby Announcement: Miss Karun Is Pregnant!

Miss Karun pregnancy | Daily Updates
She was the face of Africa's most promising band, Camp Mulla. They were even nominated for a BET. And she was barely 18 at that time. Yet every man and woman, of all ages, talked of her talent and beauty. But soon it was announced she would be leaving the group to pursue her studies in Boston. The group faced an inevitable fallout. People dreaded that. It came to pass anyway. She kept singing abroad and the fans that truly believed in her continued to listen to her music. Her star continues to shine, albeit not as bright as others we have witnessed in the recent past and the present times.
And now she is back to the headlines with something much bigger. Karun Mungai, Miss Karun or Runkah if you may, is pregnant. At 22, she will soon become part of the statistics of mothers around the world.
A section of the Kenyan media has reported that her return to the country from the United States was a result of unclear circumstances. She has not been accessible for comment.
We wish her the best! She recently had an amazing photoshoot. Here are some of the adorable pregnancy photos.
Miss Karun pregnancy | Daily Updates

Miss Karun pregnancy | Daily Updates

Miss Karun pregnancy | Daily Updates
Miss Karun pregnancy | Daily Updates
Photo credits: WGNetworks
I’m 36-37 weeks pregnant…which is officially in my 9th month. And hindsight is 20/20… So I’m sure I’ll have so much more to say. Or… maybe I won’t have time – Because, I’ll be taking care of baby.
Additional reporting by WGNetworks

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