Donald Kipkorir Is A Deadbeat Dad, Robert Alai Claims

Donald Kipkorir Is A Deadbeat Dad, Robert Alai Claims | Daily Updates

Rich lawyer Donald Kipkorir could be a man who has neglected his parental duties if anything Robert Alai says is to go by. The flamboyant corporate and commercial law practitioner recently spent millions in a ruracio and hence this will come as a surprise to many.
Donald Kipkorir Is A Deadbeat Dad, Robert Alai Claims
Kipkorir en-route Copenhagen

Robert Alai wondered why the lawyer let his son wallow in poverty while he bragged about how much he owns and how he spends it. The man is without a doubt flashy having been put on record saying he has no idea what the price of fuel is. He also once claimed to have bought an exclusive vehicle at that time at a shocking amount.
Donald Kipkorir Is A Deadbeat Dad, Robert Alai Claims
Alleged son of Kipkorir

Here's Alai's full Facebook post.

As Donald Kipkorir brags on how much he owns or doesn't care about the poor Kenyans, ask him about his son called Nicodemus Korir whom he has neglected and wallows in poverty and struggles to make ends meet while Donald Kipkorir brags about how much he owns.
The son is a hardworking man getting odd jobs to do after giving up on the father. Find Nicodemus on this link and ask him if Donald Kipkorir really cares.
People need to have some civility when eking a living. You can't puke on our shoes. Be civil brother. Care for your offspring too.

Another Facebook user he claims sent him a private message seems to support his claims.
Hi Alai,
Thank you for highlighting the fate of Nicodemus Korir, the biological son of The flamboyant, arrogant and pride-filled Donald Kipkorir.
Nico, as he is popularly called is Donald's son (you can see the striking resemblance) was sired when Donald was schooling at St. Patrick's High school Iten.
Since then the grandma to Nicodemus took over and educated Nico to university level where he graduated with a Degree in Human Resource Management from Moi university.
It is sad that Donald is bragging about his wealth yet his biological son is wallowing in the streets of Iten.
Gov. Tolgos and speaker Kochei have really tried to help Him. They have given him some internship at the county but fear employing him to avoid backlash from Donald who holds a measurable influence in Elgeyo Marakwet county.
Whenever anyone brings The issue about Nico in social media up Donald, He blocks you instantly .
Man, by bringing it up, you have really assisted an entire clan sort out this very disturbing issue.
When we see Donald with almost naked ladies bragging and parading them around the world, we become so ashamed..because we know what is happening to His son in the village.
Thank you!

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