Elodie Zone Lied! Her Fans Are Pissed About It

Elodie Zone Lied! Her Fans Are Pissed About It
The concept of social media influencers is new in Kenya but as always Kenyans are catching up fast. A number of influencial social media accounts have cropped up in the recent past and there is no stopping in sight. They are the new celebrities in town. Companies are scrambling for them for mentions, product reviews among other services they offer.
One of these celebrities is Elodie Zone, one of the most sought after YouTubers in the country. With more than 13 thousand subscribers and almost 600 thousand video views, she cannot just be underestimated.
She recently uploaded a video telling a story about a date gone wrong. A Kenyan celebrity, whose name she refused to mention, asked her out but couldn't pay the bill. The said celebrity a rather expensive hotel (name withheld by Elodie) and ends up having to ask the poor girl to pay the bill for both of them.
The story is delivered in the usual funny, unique Elodie style. But there is a catch. She says she had no cash on her at that moment. What saved her from "Kuchonga viazi" is an app. A certain mobile banking app recently launched by a local bank. The way the whole story is blended by the app saving the day is rather too smooth to be believed, at least going by the netizens' sentiments.

Not all bought the story. People who watched the video barely had anything kind to say about it. Furthermore, she dropped the download link of the app in the description.
Check out some of the comments.

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