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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Not Divorcing!

After the news went viral that celebrity Kim Kardashian wanted a divorce from long-term hubby Kanye West following his public breakdowns, our sources confirm that the couple won’t be divorcing anytime soon.
Rumours filled the public sphere and tabloids that the two lovers were close to actualizing a divorce.

Kim Kardashian who has been out of the lime light for a while says that since her robbery incident in France and her hubby’s breakdowns, it has made their bond stronger and that they support one another fully. Kanye West has been out of the hospital and is fully recovering at home. Sources indicated that he had been hospitalized for 'temporary psychosis'. However, he has still not embarked on his big projects yet.
The whole world is usually very interested in Kim and Kanye West latest news and this was one of those times.The relationship between the two celebrities was a curious case of love that is blind.

Clearly, the power couple embraces one another, cherish their marriage as well as their kids. Kim and Kanye's kids are North West and Saint West and they have revealed their plans to have more.

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