Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers In 2018: Your Favorite YouTuber Is Not Among Them

Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers In 2017: Your Favorite YouTuber Is Not Among Them

Vlogging is a rising trend among the millennials in Kenya. Kenyans are constantly documenting their lives on YouTube. With this celebrities are born and lanes created. Here is a list of those making it big on YouTube based on the number of subscribers and views count. These are the Youtubers that you should be watching.
The channels are not in any particular order.

1. Kangai Mwiti
She vlogs on fashion, make-up precisely. Here is an award-winning channel having won the best channel in Africa in the category of Beauty, Makeup, and Fashion, 2016 YouTube SSA Creator Awards. And her numbers are impressive. With 103,562 subscribers and 7,486,087 views count, she definitely deserves this slot.

2. Jim Nduruchi

This is a channel about jiggers elimination and Christianity, according to their YouTube channel description. Believe it or not, this channel has 108,071 subscribers and  202,855,874 views count.

3. This Is Ess
Anybody, man or woman, who does not know This Is Ess is a perfect specimen for the experiment, "How Not To Be Kenyan." Her engagement broke hearts and the internet, and so did her wedding. She vlogs about fashion, beauty, travel and other lifestyle aspects that tickle her fancy. This channel boasts 25,387 subscribers and  1,567,441 views count. 

Another channel, Our2Cents, that she has with Susan Wong,  makes her even more influential on this list.

4. Chef Raphael
A food vlog as the name suggests. The channel has 19,690 subscribers and 2,068,283 views count.

5. Elodie Zone
Elodie Zone had to be on this list. She is perhaps the most sought-after teen in the Kenyan web, no disrespect to ShaqTheYungin. It is a personal vlog with 10,938 subscribers and 992,404 views count.

6. JikoniMagic
Food vlog with 17,237 subscribers and 2,259,214 views count.

The vlog says, "Jikoni Magic's kitchen loves to showcase Kenyan food at it's finest. Kenya has a rich food culture due to her more than 42 ethnic tribes.
I also draw inspiration from all over the world because, I believe that, the stunning diversity of cuisines that different regions have to offer is what adds flavor to our everyday meals."

7.  Over 25
Nairobi based lifestyle vlog. The numbers are impressive:15,488 subscribers and  865,907 views given that it started in 2016.

8.  Sheila Ndinda
She showcases simple natural hair tutorials, her natural hair journey, and product reviews. The channel has 29, 839 subscribers and 1,360,933 views so far.

9. Rikkie
She is a 25-year-old from Nairobi.She refers to herself as " loner, fashion stylist, and a nurse.
A normal human being like you who loves life and people She has 10,812 subscribers and 1,592,565 views count.

10.  Dj Roba HD Studio
Music vlog. He has 15,770 subscribers and 5,888,844 views count and the content is in the Somali language.

 This article was last updated on 2nd December 2017 as Kenyan Youtube channels continue to arise

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